The Audi R8 Is Set To Become The World’s Fastest And Ugliest Limousine

When we think of limos, older Lincoln Town Cars and Hummer H2s are the first vehicles that pop into our mind.

Apparently, British company Limo Broker thinks that Ferrari 360s and Audi R8s are more practical choices.

In what can either be described as incredibly brave or unbelievably stupid, Limo Broker is now planning to build their fastest limo ever out of an Audi R8 V10, according to World Car Fans.

The R8, which already has one of the most polarising designs on the road, is set to be sliced in half and have three sets of gullwing doors added in back. To add insult to injury, the 525 horsepower V10 is migrating from the back to the front.

It may just be us, but the stretch really makes this R8 look ridiculous.

Limo Broker has not actually built it yet, so there is still hope that they will change their minds.

Check out a rendering of the car below (YouTube via World Car Fans):

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