Audi Is Equipping Its Cars With An Extra Strength Horn Just For One Market

India Traffic

Photo: via flickr

While honking may be an annoyance in many countries, it is actually a way of life in India. The new influx of wealth and cars has brought massive, disorganized traffic to nearly every road in the country.And according to Times Live, Audi is going to begin equipping cars sold in India with a much stronger horn because of this traffic.

The new horn may not be louder than the horns offered on Audis in Europe and America, but it sure does last longer. Times Live reports that the horn is tested for India with two weeks straight of just honking.

The people testing it just might have the most annoying job in the world.

And because a number of the newly wealthy in India have chauffeurs, Audi is beginning to redesign the rear seats so the passengers can be in a more commanding position over the driver.

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