Audi And Leonard Nimoy Mock Mercedes-Benz In A Funny New Ad

leonard nimoy golf clubs mercedes-benz cls 550

Audi capitalised on the upcoming release of the new “Star Trek” film with a video in which two stars of the franchise mock Mercedes-Benz.

The funny, briefly profane (but beeped out) ad stars Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the new “Star Trek” movies, as the driver of Audi’s 2013 S7 sedan.

Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing the same character in the 1960s television series and early films, has a Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, one of the S7’s biggest competitors in performance, luxury, and price.

When the two Spocks race from their homes to the golf course, the S7 wins handily by capitalising on two of its nicer features.

The S7 has a lot more trunk space than the CLS 550 (24.5 cubic feet compared to 15.3), and Audi now offers Google Maps as part of its navigation system.

Nimoy can’t fit his golf clubs in the trunk of the Benz, and ends up buckling them into the passenger seat. Then he gets stuck in traffic, singing a song about “Lord of the Rings” character Bilbo Baggins to himself.

Meanwhile, Quinto puts his clubs in the S7’s trunk with ease and zips down the street, accompanied by the “Star Trek” theme music.

While the Mercedes-Benz loses, Nimoy ultimately comes out on top with a last minute Vulcan nerve pinch, leaving Quinto unconscious outside the golf course clubhouse.

Audi has been all over the summer blockbusters this year — Tony Stark drives the luxury make’s electric R8 supercar in the just-released “Iron Man 3.”

Here’s the Spocks ad:

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