Auburn Student Newspaper Criticised By Its Own Fans For Editorial Bashing The University Of Alabama

Seeming to rub salt in the University of Alabama’s collective wound after an upset loss last Saturday, Auburn University’s student newspaper published an editorial this week
bashing Bama football fans’ “awe-inspiring stupidity.”
“Most of us know that person who is annoyingly hyper-competitive and takes things way too far. He keys the car of the guy who beat him in a pick-up game of basketball. She spreads a rumour that her roommate has herpes just because she forgot to do the dishes … In the state of Alabama, this type of person is known as a Bammer,” The Auburn Plainsman wrote in an unsigned editorial.

Auburn gave Alabama its first loss of the season last week when the War Eagles scored a last second touchdown that’s being hailed as one of the greatest plays in college football history. However, The Plainsman editorial board writes, “just because you’re a bunch of winners doesn’t mean you can’t also be a bunch of losers.”

Both Auburn and Alabama fans took to The Plainsman’s comments section to voice their shock and disappointment at the “unclassy” editorial. As one Auburn alumnus wrote,

As an Auburn alum, I want to express my disappointment in the Plainsman editorial staff in printing this piece. Auburn men and women are known for their class, dignity and respect. This editorial exudes nothing but the opposite. I believe in Auburn and love it, but I do not love that the editorial board of such a respected publication has printed such a demeaning and classless piece.

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