Auburn student hit an underhanded shot from half court to win free tuition

Auburn University junior Ben Bode won himself a cool $US5,000 at halftime of an Auburn-Arkansas basketball game on Saturday when he miraculously drained a granny shot from half court. 

At halftime, Bode took the court as part of the Golden Flake Tuition Shootout. The contest is fairly standard as far as fan-on-the-court basketball contests go: hit a layup, and then a free throw, and then a 3-pointer, and then a half-court shot in under 24 seconds. 

Our man Ben did just that — going a perfect four for four. 

Here’s the video:

Last week, we witnessed a surprise proposal during halftime of a Siena basketball game. Now, in the SEC, we have $US5,000 towards tuition, all thanks to the trusty old granny shot. 

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