Auburn Has A Long Way To Go Before Catching Princeton's 28 Football Championships

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When Auburn beat Oregon on Monday night, they won their second AP national championship, with the other coming in 1957.

But did you know that the NCAA officially recognises five national championships for the Auburn football team?

Unfortunately, that is still well-short of the 28 national championships that the NCAA credits to Princeton University.

Since the NCAA does not have a tournament to decide the champions in Division I football, they officially recognise national champions going all the way back to 1869.

(Prior to 1936, the NCAA determined their champions retroactively using “historical research, ratings and polls.”)

Starting in 1936, the Associated Press began a poll of sportswriters and broadcasters that was used by the NCAA to determine the national champions. But even then, the NCAA continued to recognise the national champions as named in numerous other polls and rankings. This season, the NCAA will officially recognise the national champions as named in nine different polls and computer formulas.

In the 140 years since 1869, 58 different schools have laid claim to at least a share of the national championship. Of those, 41 have more than one title, 28 have won at lease five, and 12 have won at least 10 (in many years, multiple national champions are recognised, and in some cases, polls chose their champion prior to the bowl games). 

Here are the 12 schools that have been credited with at least 10 Divisions I National Championships in football…

NCAA Football Champions

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