AT&T's Latest Plan For Squeezing Money From iPhone Users

smashed iphone

Photo: TFDuesing via Flickr

AT&T plans on offering insurance to iPhone owners starting in June, according to documents sent to Boy Genius Report.IPhone owners will be able to pay $13.99 per month for iPhone insurance. If anything happens to their phone, they will still have to pay $99 to replace an 8GB 3G or $199 to replace a 32GB 3GS.

Sounds steep to us, but BRG notes it’s much less than $699 for a non-contract iPhone 3GS.

Upon our first reading of the news, we thought AT&T was just trying to get more money out of its customers, but half the people in our office have dropped their iPhones and broken them, so we suppose this could be useful.

Our only question, doesn’t iPhone Apple Care already cover this?

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