Attorney-General Says He Has Bipartisan Support For New Anti-Terror Laws To Be Introduced To Parliament This Week

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Attorney-General George Brandis says he has Opposition backing for the so-called foreign fighters anti-terrorism bill which will be introduced to Parliament on Wednesday.

Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus and Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Tanya Plibersek were briefed late last week on the new laws aimed at punishing those who incite terrorism and curbing jihadists returning to Australia, the SMH reported.

Brandis said the new tranche of anti-terror laws will also broaden the definition of “control orders” and grant the government the ability to declare whole countries as “no-go zones”.

“The government wants to make sure that the police and also the intelligence agencies have all the power they need in all circumstances to deal with what has got to be acknowledged now by all sides of politics to be a very serious problem,” Brandis told the Nine Network.

“The opposition has offered us bipartisan support on these measures.”

However, there are reports that the Labor Party has questioned the practicality of the new legislation, with concerns surrounding the government’s ability to designate which countries and specific areas can be considered no-go zones.

“It would be negligent of us to give blanket support for something we haven’t seen. We have internal processes to follow,” a spokesperson for Dreyfus told Fairfax Media.

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