Stanford's ex-DEA Sidekick: I Only Shredded Duplicate Documents!


As we reported last week, Stanford’s security chief , Tom Raffanello, the former chief of the DEA’s Miami office who led the agency’s cases against Manuel Noriega and Medellin cartel kingpin Fabio Ochoa, has been indicted for ordering the shredding of Stanford’s records and was arraigned today.

Speaking to Business Insider from Fort Lauderdale, Raffanello’s attorney, Richard Sharpstein said that the documents he destroyed were only duplicates.

“Raffanello was a highly decorated DEA agent for 30 years, this in an insult and a slap in the face of a stellar career,” Sharpstein told us.

Sharpstein declined to provide details but said that he will show that Raffanello went voluntarily to the FBI after it became an issue and that he gave a truthful statement acknowledging that the documents were shredded according to policy.

“He did nothing wrong. The allegations that he obstructed justice could not be further from the truth. There’s no secret that the documents were shredded but there was no criminal intent.”

According to the indictment, Raffanello and another Stanford security employee, Bruce Perraud, disregarded an order to not destroy any records, called a shredding company and oversaw employees pack about 95 gallons of records to the shredder.

The documents included handwritten notes and files from desks and cabinets in Stanford’s Fort Lauderdale office.

Full indictment:

Raffanello Indictment

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