Attention Mark Zuckerberg: Here's How Steve Jobs Handled An Embarrassing Movie About Him

Noah Wylie as Steve Jobs

How should Facebook handle the not always flattering (or accurate) portrayal the The Social Network gives of Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg?

At a dinner Facebook had a dinner with a bunch of New York media people earlier this week, Wired’s Steven Levy had great advice.

Levy said: Do what Steve Jobs did when that happened to him.

Back in 1999, there was a TV movie called “Pirates Of Silicon Valley” starring Noah Wylie as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates. In the movie, Wylie portrayed Jobs as a gullible screamer.

But at MacWorld 1999, Apple and Jobs showed they were good sports and pulled off a very clever stunt on stage; they introduced Steve Jobs and had Wylie walk out instead.

Like Levy, we’d like to see Mark and Facebook do the same at next year’s F8.

Watch the stunt:

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