Attention Rich, Energy-Conscious, Videophiles: Mitsubishi Has A TV Just For You

Mitsubishi Laservue

We’ve been on the fence about 3D televisions.

On the one hand, it’s hard to justify spending a huge amount of money for home access to one or two content-poor channels and the handful of quality 3D films ever made.

On the other hand, people spend a lot of money on large, HD televisions anyway, and it’s increasingly common for high-end models to be 3D-enabled. If you think there’s even a chance that the 3D boom is here to stay, and you’re about to drop a pile on a television, it might make sense to pay a little extra to future-proof your investment.

After spending some time looking at 3D televisions at the 3D Experience Festival earlier today, we’re starting to find the latter argument a lot more compelling than the former.

The 3D TVs were impressive in general, but one really blew our mind: the Mitsubishi Laservue L75-A91.

Laservue is a rear-projection television, using three coloured lasers instead of lamps. There are some huge upsides to that: the Laservue can produce roughly twice as many colours as most other HD televisions, and uses a fraction of the power to do it. A lot of people think this technology has a big future.

But for the present, this is most definitely a niche product. For one thing, it is only sold with a 75″ screen, which is too big to look good, or even fit, in many homes. Second, it costs $6000, plus another few hundred for the 3D Starter Pack.

But boy is the picture glorious. We just watched a few trailers on it (Tron, Step Up 3D (yikes!)) but it really felt much closer to being in the theatre than we would have thought possible.

It’s difficult to review a product you couldn’t possibly afford, because you can’t ask yourself the crucial question: would I buy this at that price?

But, if money is no object and you care about the environment, but need a massive, beautiful, 3D enabled television, we’re pretty sure this is the television to buy.

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