Most Of Your Tweets And Facebook Messages Will Never Reach Your Intended Audience

Every morning when I wake up I think about two things: time and space. This is a trend that should give every marketer, media exec, and ad-supported startup a good scare.

Attention is linked with economic value creation. However, with infinite content options (space) yet finite attention (time) and personalised social algorithms curating it all for us, it’s going to be increasingly challenging to stand out.

Let’s consider Twitter, for example. They are seeing a staggering 110 million tweets per day. And the volume is growing. But therein lies the challenge. Each tweet decays almost as soon as it is released. Some 92% of all retweets (and 97% of replies) are within the first 60 minutes.

Twitter Dcay

Photo: Edleman Digital

The situation in some ways is worse on Facebook where a highly personalised algorithm called EdgeRank curates our feed based on personal affinities, content formats, and timeliness. There’s not just one Facebook but 500M Facebooks. And, according to Vitrue, the majority of us participate at top and bottom of the hour. This means that anything you post to your Facebook page needs to create a social surge well before then.


Photo: Edleman Digital

So how do you make this work in your favour? Simple, businesses must obey the laws of attentionomics (e.g.) time and space. In the deck posted here you will find two sets of solutions: Attentionomics Captivating Attention in the Age of Content Decay

The first set of solutions covers space. It explains how to scale their surface area via digital embassies by…

  • Hand-crafting your content for each embassy
  • Activating employees as thought leaders
  • Tightly integrating owned and social assets

The second section covers time and how to make it your ally through “dayparted engagement.” The action steps here include:

  • Practicing mindfulness with bifocal awareness (different than, but related to monitoring)
  • optimising for the best times to engage
  • Testing, planning and measuring

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