Attention Bottle Service Veterans, Pink Elephant Is Coming Back

pink elephant

Photo: flickr: Sami Keinan

For those of us who lived in New York pre- financial crisis (and happened to have a couple hundred dollars to throw down on a bottle every now and then), Pink Elephant has a special place in our hearts.Located on West 27th street, this club was essentially where the practice of lighting sparklers to celebrate the procession of a bottle of liquor originated — or so we hear.

Anyway, the famed club is coming back to a new West Village location in May, says the NY Post. But the guys in charge, David Sarner and Robert Montwaid, say this time it’s going to be different.

This time it’s going to be a quieter affair with high-end cocktails and live music.

Please tell us they’re just saying that so they don’t frighten the neighbours.


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