10 Memorable Moments From 'Attack of the Show!'

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Yesterday, G4 announced the cancellation of its two lead programming series come the end of the year, “Attack of the Show,” and “X-Play.”The news comes less than three months before NBCU’s plan to revitalize the network from geek to GQ chic come 2013.

The shows provided gamers with one of the first original outlets on television that offered an in depth first look at video games, films, technology, and more. Both series also heavily covered gaming events including E3 and San Diego’s Comic Con.

Check out some of the most popular clips from the show >

Debuting in March 2005, “Attack of the Show!” was a big success with its original cast list consisting of Chris Hardwick, Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira, and Adam Sessler.

Combined, both series aired more than 3,000 shows and launched the careers of many of its co-hosts from Kevin Pereira to Olivia Munn.

The show’s cancellation isn’t a complete surprise.

After Munn’s exit in 2010 to pursue her acting career, the show never really regained traction using a series of guest hosts up alongside its final original cast member, Pereira, until naming Candace Bailey as Munn’s replacement in January 2011.

DirecTV dropped the channel right before Munn’s departure, citing it among its lowest-rated networks.

Kevin Pereira was the last original cast member to leave the show at the end of this May. He’s currently working on a SyFy show, “Viral Video Showdown” which will debut October 30.

As of late, many viewers have been turned off by the younger talent consisting of eye candy hosts Bailey and Sara Underwood, feeling the show offers more fluff and less incentive for diehard gamers.

We’ve rounded up some of the show’s most watched clips, as well as a few celebrity cameos.

And, naturally, we’ve included a few memorable clips of scene stealer Munn.

December 2008: Pereira and Munn take shots of hot sauce on air.

We found out that Pereira could drum when he joined Coheed and Cambria for a jam session.

Views: 897,000 +

August 2008: Kevin Pereira tortures Munn with a balloon.

Views: 1 million +

February 2008: Olivia Munn rides a Hawaii Chair

... Wilde tries and fails to sit on a gyrating Hawaii Chair.

Views: 1.2 million +

February 2009: Munn's pie jump in a French maid outfit.

Views: 1.7 million +

August 2007: Olivia Munn eating a hot dog.

This video received more than 18 million views.

Even our own Nicholas Carlson was on the show!

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