POLL: Are You Going To Leave AT&T For Verizon With The iPhone 5?

AT&T iPhone 5 countdown

Photo: Screenshot

When the iPhone 5 comes out this weekend, a lot of people who have been with AT&T because it was the only carrier that had the iPhone will be off their contracts and free to switch to a new carrier.I’m one of those people. Even though I have an old, unlimited plan from AT&T, I think I’m going to take the plunge and jump to Verizon.

I’m always nervous about change. What if Verizon isn’t better? What if its network gets swamped? Plus, I’m not looking forward to the Verizon activation fee. I’m not looking forward to having to pay a little more. (When my wife joins Verizon next month with me, the price should be about the same as what we have now.)

However, despite these concerns, I’m going to jump to Verizon because I’ve never heard anyone complain about Verizon’s service. And in the times I’ve used someone’s Verizon iPhone it’s sounded better. Plus, Verizon has a bigger LTE network. (Sprint is an option, but its LTE networks appears to be smaller.)

What about you? Are you ready to switch carriers? Are you going to jump from AT&T? Or will you stay put? Answer this poll and drop a note in the comments.

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