Plastic Logic Picks AT&T For Kindle Killer


AT&T (T) will provide the wireless connection for Plastic Logic’s e-reader, the NY Times reports. That’s the gadget that Barnes & Noble (BKS) — Plastic Logic’s exclusive e-book provider — is betting on to compete with Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle.

Plastic Logic’s reader, which will go on sale in the beginnning of 2010, will be bigger than the Kindle, and have a touch screen. Unlike the Kindle, the devices will be able to access wi-fi hotspots.

It’s a good move for AT&T, which will get to claim any of the gadget’s buyers as subscribers and show growth to Wall Street. No doubt rivals like Sprint and Verizon were going after this deal, too.

The readers will be built on GSM wireless technology, which means they will work overseas. Amazon’s Kindle, which uses the Sprint network, has an EVDO connection that does not work overseas. 

Image: B D Solis

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