AT&T Snubs New York And San Francisco On 3G Upgrades

Don’t count on getting the network speed boost your new iPhone 3GS is supposed to provide — until next year at the earliest — if you live in iPhone meccas New York or San Francisco.

AT&T announced new details on its network upgrade plans today, which will update 3G networks to faster technology called “HSPA 7.2.” And the company is saving two of its most choked iPhone markets for next year.

Instead, the six cities it will upgrade this year are Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Charlotte. No more details after that — just that it plans to have service up in 25 of the nation’s 30 biggest markets by the end of next year, and 90% of its 3G footprint by 2011.

We assume the scheduling is because those cities are relatively flat, and easier to manage wireless service in, while New York and San Francisco have plenty of topgraphical and building-related challenges. But that doesn’t make the wait any better. (Meanwhile, AT&T is making upgrades to its current 3G network in those cities, adding new wireless spectrum, which has helped some.)

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