Want Better AT&T Coverage? Buy This $800 Satellite Phone


AT&T is ready to offer customers an $800 phone which runs off a satellite connection.

Using the satellite is supposed to provide blanket coverage for the U.S., the AP reports.

The only hitch: You need a clear view of the southern sky, no trees, buildings, or hills can block the sky, either.

It’s mostly designed for outdoors workers like fishermen and forest rangers.

Here’s more details on the phone via the AP:

The phone will cost $799 without a two-year contract, and requires regular AT&T voice and data service plans. It uses the AT&T network where it’s available. The option to be able to switch over to the satellite costs $25 extra per month, and then 65 cents per minute of calling.

Calls won’t be the only way to communicate using the Genus: It’s the first satellite phone that’s also a full-blown smart phone. It runs Windows Mobile 6.5 software and has a full-alphabet keyboard and looks much like a slightly thicker BlackBerry. It doesn’t have a large, protruding antenna, like other satellite phones do.

(Via Drudge)

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