Your next phone from AT&T is going to cost more

Get ready to pay more for your next phone from AT&T.

As first reported by Droid Life, the nation’s second largest wireless carrier is raising its activation and upgrade fee from $US40 to $US45 for one and two-year contracts.

And the newer AT&T Next plans, which don’t require a multi-year commitment and instead break phone payments into monthly installments, will now cost $US15 to activate.

Previously, people who signed up for Next plans, which were introduced two years ago, paid nothing upfront.

These changes go into effect August 1, according to Droid Life.

AT&T will not charge existing Next customers the new $US15 fee when they upgrade, although the carrier is leaving room for that possibility down the road.

“We are making a few adjustments to our activation and upgrade fee structures,” an AT&T spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider. “Any lines already on a Next plan before August 1 are not affected at this time.”

The $US15 Next activation fee also applies to people who bring their own phone in to be used with an AT&T plan.

Come August 1, AT&T will have the highest activation fee in the US carrier industry. After AT&T raised its activation fee from $US35 to $US40 last June, Verizon Wireless quietly did the same the following January. If history repeats itself, the same pattern could very well happen again this year.

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