AT&T, Please Fix Your Signal Instead Of Wasting Money On A Terrible Magazine


AT&T is not known for their solid service.

In fact, they are reviled for their inability to keep our calls from dropping.

You know what would solve that? More investment in infrastructure.

You know what won’t? A magazine that’s basically an ad for the service.

And yet, AT&T Magazine appeared in our mail slot yesterday.

Edited by John Godfrey, vice president of Time Inc. Content Solutions, the book has a bunch of stories that include links to various parts of It’s like an in-flight magazine gone horribly wrong.

The editor’s note explains the idea:

AT&T is investing billions of dollars, adding more cell sites across the country and increasing capacity , to keep the network humming (“All in a Day’s Work,” Page 10). You may have already seen us in your neighbourhood making improvements and upgrades. And if not, you will. Because we want to ensure that in here, everything is possible.”