Tell AT&T Where iPhone Service Blows

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AT&T just made a smart move that could eventually help improve its wireless service quality, which is often crappy in major cities like New York and San Francisco.

The carrier just published a new iPhone app called “Mark the Spot” — click here for iTunes page — which lets you submit the location of a crappy patch of service. You can report a dropped call, failed call, lack of coverage, poor voice quality, etc.

It’s very simple, and works well. For instance, we just reported our office as someplace we “often” experience dropped calls. (It’s true. The first thing we tell anyone who calls our iPhones during the day is to try the landline.) An AT&T rep says the carrier will release the app for other platforms in the future.

While this may draw some snickers from rival wireless carriers, this is a smart move by AT&T. The carrier can probably use as much information as possible about where its service is especially poor, and there’s no better way than to crowdsource it. Plus, it should at least give subscribers the feeling that they’re trying to improve.

Of course, no guarantee they’ll fix anything. But a good start.

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