AT&T Glitch Screws iPhone Customers (AAPL, T)

Yet another embarrassing billing glitch for some of AT&T’s iPhone subscribers: Valleywag’s Jordan Golson says the carrier unexpectedly erased the unlimited-use data plan from his prepaid account and replaced it with a pay-per-use plan, charging a ridiculous 20 cents per kilobyte of Web access. (E.g., the 8-kilobyte photo of the iPhone to your right would cost $1.60 to load.)

“I use Google Maps for 3 minutes to get directions to a restaurant and then I get a notice telling me that I’m being charged $15.75 in data,” Golson says. “Nice.”

He says AT&T customer service is working on the problem, and that affected subscribers will be reimbursed. And it looks to be just a tiny slice of iPhone users: From what we can the snafu has only caused problems with prepaid users — those who didn’t pass an AT&T credit check and needed to pony up for their iPhone bill in advance. (Jordan? Let’s talk.)

Good news, but still odd. Why is the iPhone causing so much trouble for AT&T’s back-end systems? Is this an AT&T issue, an Apple issue, or is there a third party that’s messing everything up?

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