AT&T Gives New York 3G Network A Boost

AT&T is making exciting changes!

Today, the company announced that it had added more wireless spectrum to 1,600 cell sites in metro New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. The telco says it’s “high-quality” airspace that “generally results in better in-building coverage.”

That can’t come soon enough.

Like many iPhone addicts, we had been plagued by laughably bad service over the past year from AT&T, the phone’s exclusive U.S. carrier. Dropped calls, slow Internet, SMS errors, no service, “searching…” alerts, the works — for $100 a month after taxes and fees.

In many places, we have noticed better, more reliable, faster service over the past several weeks. (Still not in our 7th-floor office near Union Square, where calls routinely fail, or our Brooklyn ground-floor apartment, where we’re forced to use a MagicJack for reliable phone service.)

So, yes, it’s good that AT&T is making upgrades. And, to be fair, it’s not like any telco has ever had to deal with this specific problem before — huge bandwidth needs for a new phone with mega saturation in New York and San Francisco. criticise the company all you want, but there is no model to follow.

But in reality, that is AT&T’s problem, and should not be ours. There is no denial that — whether it could plan for this problem or not — AT&T completely dropped the ball serving iPhone customers, and is Apple’s biggest weak spot.

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