AT&T Blames iPhone 4 Slow-Uploading Problem On Alcatel-Lucent

For a few days, people have been complaining that AT&T wireless uploads on the new Apple iPhone 4 are running slower than usual.

That’s correct!

AT&T blames the problem on some of its Alcatel-Lucent equipment, the WSJ reports.

“The companies said the issue affects less than 2% of AT&T’s wireless customers, or about 1.75 million people,” the WSJ’s Roger Cheng writes. “Alcatel-Lucent said it was working to fix the software glitch.”

Slow upload speeds on the iPhone 4 and some laptop cards will continue until AT&T and its supplier fix the problem. This is unrelated to whatever issues Apple is having with the iPhone 4’s antenna.

It’s just the latest problem for AT&T, whose pokey and unreliable network is easily the worst feature of Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad 3G.

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