Wow, AT&T’s 4G Network Is Going To Get Really, Really Fast

AT&T HQ in SAn Antonio

[credit provider=”AP Images”]

AT&T is in the process of upgrading it’s 4G network to LTE, the same technology behind Verizon’s.Right now AT&T uses what’s called HSPA+, which in our testing hasn’t proven to be much faster than 3G.

But GigaOM got an exclusive demo of the new LTE network, and recorded some astounding speeds. The network delivered download speeds of 28 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps.

To put that in perspective, that’s more than twice as fast as your cable modem on the download side and 10 times as fast for uploads.

Keep in mind this was only a test, and when the network launches in the real world, speeds will likely be a lot slower. But it still sounds promising for AT&T, even if the real-world speeds are just a fraction of what GigaOM saw.

[Via GigaOM]