Man Goes On Casino Bender After An ATM Let Him Take Out Unlimited Cash

Photo: Local 4 News Detroit

Ronald Page thought he’d hit the jackpot when a glitchy ATM at a Detroit casino allowed him to make unlimited withdrawals, reports Detroit’s Local 10 News.With unlimited funds at his fingertips, police say Page went on a gambling bender, hitting up at least three casinos, including the MGM Grand and Motor City.

By the time his bank, Bank of America, figured out what was happening, he had reportedly withdrawn and gambled away $1.5 million.

Now that his luck has run out, Page has been convicted of theft of bank funds totaling $1.5 million and faces up to 15 months in prison, according to Local 10. He’s due for sentencing on June 27.

Cases like Page’s aren’t entirely unheard of.

Back in 2008, a University of Missouri ATM started spitting out $20 bills instead of $10 bills. A line of students waiting to cash in on the “free money” wrapped all the way to the door, a student told the school’s newspaper. 

Mark Henricks of spoke with representatives from Diebold, a leading manufacturer of ATMs, who told him mistakes on ATMs are rare but can usually be traced back to a human error. Another major cause is not keeping up with proper maintenance on the machine.

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