Atlassian's upping its game with a new beta version of HipChat and it's much better

Atlassian is developing a new version of HipChat which looks much sleeker.

While it’s still in beta, the company is asking users to trial the update and give feedback on what they think.

The timing is key here: team chat service Slack has broken through in the market with a clean design that made HipChat look dated.

While most of the changes look design-led, it does do a better job at distinguishing your own comments from your team’s. Also tracking who’s online looks like it’s working better too.

In January the Australian tech company announced the release of HipChat Server which is a corporate version of its messaging app. By offering HipChat on an internal server and not just the cloud Atlassian can begin to target highly regulated segments like healthcare or finance.

It’s one strategy which could give it an edge over its fast-growing competitor Slack.

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