Atlassian has made another key hire as it heads towards a potential US IPO

Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.

Back in February Atlassian took a big step towards an IPO when it filled its CFO role with former Trulia director Erik Barman after Alex Estevez left last year.

At the time there were reports Atlassian was considering listing on the NASDAQ or NYSE, with some observers speculating the move could happen before the end of the year.

But an IPO isn’t the end of the road for the $US3.3 billion tech company, but rather another notch on the Australian software company’s belt, Atlassian’s chief people officer Jeff Diana told Business Insider.

He said the company is well on the way to hitting $US1 billion in revenue, something which just five years ago would’ve seemed like a lofty goal. Last financial year the company revealed its sales were up 44% to $US215 million for the year to June 2014.

Earlier this year co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes said it was important that management began operating Atlassian as “public-market ready”.

To do this Diana said lots of little things were happening in the background, including an investor relations hire which he described as “a technical skill which is related to being public”.

“The small things we’ve changed include a couple of key hires you’d want to get in before you go public because you need those skills,” he said.

“We recently hired an investor relations person.

“You don’t want to hire them right before you go public because you want them to learn the company so they can represent and showcase our values, so they’ll need time with us.”

The other element Atlassian is implementing is corporate governance policies and procedures, including systems and technologies which help the business track and audit operations as if it were a public company with external shareholders.

“We have to find ways to match what it means to be public but do it the Atlassian way,” Diana said.

“IPO, for us, really isn’t a destination. I know for a lot of companies it is. For us it’s a milestone along the ride.

“We think more about whether we have the right leaders for scale.”

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