Atlassian turned its focus from diversity to belonging -- here are 3 things the company learned and how to apply them to your business

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Atlassian is done with diversity.

Instead, the Australian technology giant wants to focus on building balanced teams and a sense of belonging.

In its annual State of Diversity Report released today, Atlassian says that the word “diversity” is too commonly associated with underrepresented people and it was “getting in the way of progress”.

“We’re trying to build teams where people can bring their unique viewpoints, and know that they’re valued,” the report reads.

“We’re trying to build balanced teams. We believe that helps everyone feel like they have a stake in the conversation, and helps create greater incentives for people to be involved.”

To do this the company looked at its own teams, beyond race and gender, to understand the challenges certain groups of people faced.

Here’s what they learned, and how you can apply the lessons to your own business.

Foundations matter

“Manager training and rigorous fair performance assessment processes drive change by building infrastructure that supports equity of experience,” says the report.

“We implemented training programs for our managers, built a new bias-resistant performance assessment process and audit, and implemented an improved feedback model.”

Belonging matters

“A sense of belonging was correlated with greater likelihood to stay engaged at work and remain at Atlassian,” the report says.

“This is the first year we’ve collected data around belonging, which we are releasing for the first time with this report.

“Going forward, we’ll be looking at how feeling that you belong on your team impacts people’s experience at work and will share what we learn.”

Black Lives Matter

“Grouping Black and Latinx employees together as ‘underrepresented minorities’ in many of our analyses obscures important patterns that we need to dig into,” the report says.

“For a variety of reasons, our Black employees face different challenges than other underrepresented groups, and we need to do better to understand those challenges and create an environment where folks feel they can show up authentically and feel that they’re valued contributors.

“We’re actively building partnerships to help grow the Black community at Atlassian, and are working with our teammates to build a more robust community internally.”

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