An Atlassian Developer Made A Horribly Sexist Presentation At A Tech Conference

There’s no shortage of horror stories highlighting tech industry’s gender gap.

The recent culprit of a sexist remark comes from Jonathan Doklovic, a developer at a software company called Atlassian that’s currently holding a two-day developers conference in Berlin.

Doklovic was making a presentation called, “A P2 Plugin and a SaaS Platform Walk into a Bar…” In the presentation, he threw up a slide about Maven, a plugin execution framework supported by Atlassian that developers can use to add software components to their existing applications.

In the slide, Doklovic compared Maven to his girlfriend, saying that although she looks beautiful she “complains a lot, demands my attention, interrupts me when I’m working” and “doesn’t play well with my other friends.”

After a photo of the slide was posted on Twitter, people began responding in disgust, calling out Doklovic for alienating women in attendance, comparing a woman to an object and perpetuating harmful gender roles.

Here’s the photo:

For its part, Atlassian swiftly responded to criticism, saying that the slide was “BS” and that it didn’t reflect its company values. It also said that it was taking immediate action; Business Insider has reached out to Atlassian to see what that “immediate action” will be.

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