15 Eerie Photos Of Atlanta Looking Like A Ghost Town

Atlanta is getting hit by a major winter storm that will continue until early Thursday morning, and the city didn’t take any risks after horror show traffic turned it into a scene from “The Walking Dead” a few weeks ago.

Instead, the place looks like a ghost town. School is cancelled until Friday and people were advised to stay home if possible. Based on these photos from locals and Georgia DOT traffic cameras, they listened.

The airport is the world’s busiest, but not today. Over 65% of flights have been cancelled:

Looks like there’s nearly nobody there:

On this road, you can spot two people on foot, but no cars:

Even Walmart is empty:

And other supermarkets have already been raided:

Aerial view of a city block:

The Georgia DOT’s map shows traffic speeds of under 40 mph all over Atlanta, but it’s traffic cameras reveal the truth: No one is trying to drive anywhere:

This traffic camera is partially blocked by icicles:

And freezing rain has made this one totally useless:

Here’s a more helpful view from the ground. No one:

Instagram user tooshort_khmer posted this photo, saying, “On the way to work, looks like the only one, smh.”

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