Wild Concept Designs For The New $1 Billion NFL Stadium In Atlanta

atlanta falcons stadium concept design video halo

The Atlanta Falcons are building a new ~$1 billion stadium to be completed by 2017.

This week, theĀ Georgia World Congress centre Authority selected 360 Architecture as the lead architect on the project.

They also released images from the presentation the firm made to the GWCCA, which contained very early, very wild, very cool ideas for what the stadium might look like.

A spokesperson told us that these images are just “ideas” and “not representative” of the actual design.

But they give you an idea of what the team is looking for, and what sort of new elements we might see from the project.

The first of the two designs is called PANTHEON

It's a layered design

It starts with a bowl

And then you add a roof structure

A 360-degree video board

A moving roof piece to open or close the stadium to the open air

An external cover

With the roof open

The video board would run all the way along the interior

It could host basketball too

And soccer

The space-like PANTHEON from the outside

And from above

The second design is called SOLARIUM, and it's more of a next-generation fieldhouse

The rectangular structure

A wide-open endzone

When the roof is opened, it makes the building looks completely different

Very cool

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