Atlanta Credit Union CEO Is Shot Dead In NJ By Undercover Cop At A "Known Place" For Sexual Encounters

Defarra Gaymon

Photo: LinkedIn

The President and CEO of the Atlanta Credit Union was shot and killed by an undercover cop in New Jersey on Friday. DeFarra Gaymon, who was in town for his Montclair High School 30th reunion, got into an altercation with a plain-clothed detective in Newark’s Branch Brook Park and was shot in the chest soon after.Authorities said Gaymon “tussled” with the detective, who was trying to arrest him on charges related to a call about people engaging in public sex acts, in the park.

The 29-year-old policeman gave a statement to investigators Monday afternoon and Katherine Carter, spokeswoman for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, told the Business Insider that the details of Gaymon’s autopsy as well as “new developments from information about how he ended up being shot” will be revealed today in a 4PM press conference.

“We’ll be talking about those two new pieces of information,” Carter said, “It being a law enforcement agency, there are strict rukes about what we can say, but we realise people are very interested in this case.” Carter said she had received many calls from “business people that wouldn’t usually call me about this sort of thing.”

Authorities said that section of Branch Brook Park where the Atlanta banker was killed is a “known meeting point for sexual encounters” and that there have been “more than 200 such arrests there in the last 18 months, all without incident,” reports the Star-Ledger.

Though the park is known to be pick-up location, locals commenting on the report on the Star-Ledger website said that during daylight hours, that is not typical – Gaymon was shot around 6 pm, still in daylight hours – and that the circumstances of the shooting seem shady.

One local wrote, “Since when is it a crime to be in a public park at 6:00PM in the evening when the sun is still shining brig… That area turns into a gay pick up area after dark not during the day light hours when people are around.” Another said, “I myself frequent Branch Brook park regularly. Sometimes to just sit and read a book, sometime to just to take a walk. I have seen all types of people during my many excursions thru the park.”

Gaymon graduated from Benedict College in South Carolina, then returned to New Jersey where he was appointed VP of Summit Trust Company, then moved back to South Carolina to take on a VP role at a credit union there.  Since 2006, he was the president and CEO of the Credit Union of Atlanta. Gaymon was married with four children.

Gaymon’s death was the fifth law enforcement-related shooting in Newark in the last month. There have been nine shootings like it this year. More details to come as the findings of the autopsy are revealed. We will update.

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