11 Of The Worst Songs Recorded By Pro Athletes

Shaq Album Rapper

Today marks the release of “Shoot For The Stars” for the debut album by Orlando Magic centre Dwight Howard. It’s a collection of Jock Jams-style cover songs intended for kids and it’s … well … intended for kids. Your results may vary.

Howard is not the first professional athlete to try his hand at the music biz. From crooning boxers, to rapping b-ballers, and country & western golfers, sports figures have covered a wide range of styles.

Unfortunately, there’s little range in quality: they’re largely horrific. (And filled with parental advisories for naughty lyrics, so be forewarned.)

De La Hoya actually has a decent voice, we're just depressed that one of the greatest pound-for-pound pugilists retired from the sport to do his best Enrique Iglesias impression.

Shaq's had many off-court endeavours, but his rapping career was easily the least successful. Though he put together a few decent tracks, that's to be expected when you keep at it for five albums.

'And having a past, well, I stereotype glass/ All dimes ain't money, arse, and feignin' for a brother's cash/ Slash fame, slash power, slash respect/ All of the above, makes me a supreme threat for scrubs.'

Brutal. After releasing this song, Kobe shelved the album and went back to focusing on the hardwood.

We interrupt our hip-hop centric story to bring you some good ole fashion country music, from country boy John Daly. His music is among the least bad on this list.

Allen Iverson -- aka 'Jewelz' -- was criticised for his extremely profane lyrics. But they were par for the hip-hop course, and then-Sixers president Pat Croce explained it away: 'He always talks about being real,' he said.

Manny Pacquiao took a page out of Oscar De La Hoya's book, and in 2005 recorded a smooth jazz album of his own.

The longtime point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves famously released 'Undrafted' in 2007. Even though it featured some big-name guests, the album sold 78 copies during the first week. It was truly a 'limited' edition.

Many question whether WWE wrestlers are athletes or just entertainers. Thanks to this album you have to question the 'entertainer' part, too. Macho Man sounds like a voice-box cancer survivor.

Thankfully, his 2007 album, 'TP,' is all in French, or else we might have to suffer through terrible rhymes in addition to the Backstreet Boy beats.

Back in 2006, long before Artest ever thanked his psychiatrist after winning a championship, or admitted to downing Hennessy during halftime, he was an aspiring rap star. Like his temper, his music career proved to be short-lived.

OK, so it's not an actual release and it is for a good cause, but we couldn't resist bringing you 80's 'just say no' rap in all its glory.

Now that you've seen the worst of athletes in music, check out

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