FROM FIT TO FAT: Athletes Who Let Themselves Go

shaquille oneal


While athletes are in their prime, training is so intense it’s often hard for them to gain weight.But when they retire, activity level takes a huge drop most of the time, and food intake, may not.

And somehow, a few athletes let themselves go while they are still playing.


Shawn Johnson at the Olympics

Shawn Johnson after the Olympics

Lenny Dykstra in his hey day

Lenny Dykstra has more than just weight problems these days

John Kruk at the Phillies

John Kruk as an analyst

Magic Johnson in his Lakers days

Magic Johnson a few years later

Lendale White was pretty slim at USC

But he put on some weight when he went to the NFL

We really couldn't resist putting this one in again

Because Ronaldo REALLY let himself go

Shaq in his Magic days

Shaq in his Phoenix days

Andruw Jones as a rookie

Andruw Jones later on in his career

Michael Cabrera in his younger years

Cabrera after he'd been around a few years

Sidney Ponson's rookie card

Sidney Ponson at the Yankees

We bet they wish they look like this

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