Athletes In Sochi Are Taking Some Cool Photos With The Olympic Rings

While there are some nightmare stories about the conditions in Sochi being reported by journalists, so far the Olympic athletes appear to be having a great time.

One of the more popular things for the athletes to do upon arrival in the Olympic Village is to climb on one set of Olympic Rings and pose for photos with the mountains in the background.

Some of the athletes have gotten creative and artsy in their photos. Here are a few of our favourites so far.

Five members of the Austrian alpine ski team struck a pose.

U.S. speed skater Maria Lamb climbed all the way to the top for her photo.

Rebekah Wilson and Paula Walker of the Great Britain bobsled team look like they are going for a swing.

Four members of the New Zealand bobsled team stop to take a break.

Not every Olympian is willing to climb up on to the rings. Here is a member of the Polish Olympic team.

U.S. cross-country skiers Sophie Caldwell and Sadie Bjornsen hang from the rings while wearing their skis.

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