PHOTOS: Athletes On Wall Street

michael jordan

Photo: AP Images

The careers of professional athletes and Wall Street bankers are very different.But often times, their worlds collide.

Especially when athletes invade Wall Street to ring the opening bell, and play catch on the trading floor.

Dan Marino rang the bell back in 1998, and then threw a football on to the trading floor

Jason Kidd rang the bell in 2002

The Mets rang the opening bell back in 2006, they won the NL East that year

Here's Michael Jordan with his ex-wife Juanita in 2001

Michael Phelps and fellow swimmers Natalie Coughlin and Ryan Lotche rang the opening bell in 2008

Rhonde Barber signing footballs on the trading floor in 2007

Serena Williams hitting a tennis ball after ringing the bell in 2000

Amar'e Stoudemire on the floor in 2005

Tiger Woods rang the bell back in happier times in 2007

Wrestlers Triple H and Kelly Kelly playing with the phones

Phil Mickelson rang the bell with his wife Amy

Here's Sam Bradford ringing the bell in 2008

Sports Illustrated swim suit models get to go on the trading floor too.

Even LeBron rang the bell back in 2003

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