Meet The Four Little-Known Athletes Who Got Picked For This Year's Swimsuit Issue

alana blanchard shower

Photo: Sports Illustrated screenshot

The four athletes in this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue are only famous in a few small corners of the Internet.But after the magazine hits news stands today, they stand to get much bigger.

SI made great short videos of each athlete that you should watch.

We pulled out the key details.

This is Alana Blanchard

She's a 22-year-old surfer from Hawaii who has been surfing since she was four

Blanchard got to design special bikinis for the shoot

She helped design a bikini line for Rip Curl in 2011, so she has experience

Her photoshoot took place in Las Vegas

This is Michelle Jenneke

She's a 19-year-old Australian hurdler who competes in the 100 meters

You might know her from this warm-up dance

Jenneke got famous over the summer when an old video of her dance went viral

During the photoshoot she got the photographer to do the dance

Even though she got famous off her good looks, she's still in school and wants to be an engineer

This is Ellen Hoog (right) and Eva de Goede (left)

They both won gold medals in London as members of the Dutch field hockey team

During the Olympics, the Dutch team became an Internet sensation because of their good looks

Before the Olympics they trained 10 times a week, but now they say they're enjoying their time off

They said they were nervous at first

Unlike Blanchard, they didn't have any modelling experience, but they say they got used to it

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