BEFORE THEY HAD STYLISTS: Athletes Trying And Failing To Dress Themselves


Photo: AP

Star athletes aren’t born with style.They seem to acquire it once their on-field success turns into off-field fame and fortune.

We took a look through the archives and found photos of what the world’s most stylish athletes looked like before GQ covers, modelling gigs, and teams of stylists turned them into fashion icons.

BEFORE: Derek Jeter

AFTER: Derek Jeter

BEFORE: Maria Sharapova

AFTER: Maria Sharapova

BEFORE: Tom Brady

AFTER: Tom Brady

BEFORE: Amare Stoudemire

AFTER: Amare Stoudemire

BEFORE: The Williams Sisters

AFTER: The Williams Sisters

BEFORE: Derrick Rose

AFTER: Derrick Rose

BEFORE: Alex Rodriguez

AFTER: Alex Rodriguez

BEFORE: LeBron James

AFTER: LeBron James

BEFORE: Kevin Garnett

AFTER: Kevin Garnett

BEFORE: Hope Solo

AFTER: Hope Solo

BEFORE: Steve Nash

AFTER: Steve Nash

These athletes are fashionable too

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