OVERHYPED: Athletes Who Flopped After Landing Huge Magazine Covers

tim tebow espn the magazine cover

Photo: ESPN The Magazine

Magazines are incredibly good at nailing Next Big Thing cover stories.Sports Illustrated wrote stories about Michael Vick and LeBron James before they got big.

And ESPN’s “Next” series has been pretty fantastic at pinpointing future stars.

But every once in a while sports mags overhype a player — sticking him on the cover only to see him flop immediately.

Where does this “ENTER TEBOW” cover rank in the list of biggest gaffes?

Danny Fortson and Cincinnati lost in the second round of the 1997 NCAA Tournament after this intense cover

Shane Spencer lost his stroke after SI asked if anyone could stop him in 1998

Anna Kournikova hasn't done anything on the tennis court since this 2000 cover

Darko Milicic bombed after being taken ahead of Carmelo Anthony in 2003

Sebastian Telfair got an SI cover as a high schooler in 2004, but has done little since

Jeff Francouer's swing fell apart after this SI cover in 2005

Carson Palmer hasn't been the same since SI went inside his rehab program in 2006

Dice-K dominated in Japan before 2007, but has been average since coming to America

Smarty Jones failed to win the Triple Crown and then retired after this 2008 cover

Kosuke Fukudome has been a platoon player since SI declared him the Cubs' saviour in 2008

David Tyree hasn't made a catch since this post-helmet catch cover in 2008

Brett Favre's New York adventure crashed and burned after a promising start in 2008

Exit Tebow?

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