ATHLETE FREEMASONS: The 10 Most Famous Sports Stars To Take The Oath

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Photo: AP

They aren’t as powerful as politicians. They aren’t as rich as CEOs. And they aren’t as smart as Rhodes Scholars.But for whatever reason, athletes are consistently members of the world’s most elite secret societies.

The oldest and most famous of those societies — Freemasonry — is no exception.

For over 100 years, America’s athletes have been active masons. They play a variety of sports and come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all took the secret oath.

Shaquille O'Neal, basketball

Source: Media Daily LA

Scottie Pippin, basketball

John Elway, football

Source: Knights Templar

Red Auerbach, basketball coach

Arnold Palmer, golf

Sugar Ray Robinson, boxing

Jack Dempsey, boxing

Ty Cobb, baseball

Honus Wagner, baseball

James Naismith, basketball inventor

These guys probably know a thing or two about secret societies

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