At The Movies: Margaret Tried To Give David A Farewell Present And It Didn't Go Down Well

Australian television’s most enduring odd couple partnership, Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton, comes to an end tonight after 28 years.

As the team prepares to say goodbye for with a final, hour-long episode of At The Movies going to air on ABC TV at 9.30pm Tuesday, Margaret tried to surprise David with a farewell gift off-camera.

But it didn’t go down as well as she may have hoped.

The gift follows an on-air joke between the pair and their audience. For years Margaret has tried to get David to change his fashion sense – he owned 10 pairs of the same shoe – but he refused budge. David was not amused. They’re like an old married couple.

“I didn’t get you anything,” David confesses.

“I knew you wouldn’t,” she says

“Thank you very much Margaret,” he says.

“You won’t thank me very much for it,” she says.

He guesses what it is, is unimpressed and refuses to wear them for the final show. She berates him for not thanking her, saying don’t be cranky. “I’m not cranky!” he says.

He thanks her again.

We’ll miss them.

Here’s the clip from 7.30:

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