AT&T Doles Out The Free Wi-Fi To iPhone Users (T)

Starbucks iPhone

Today, 7,000 Starbucks (SBUX) stores switch to AT&T for Internet access. And that means that 12 million AT&T DSL and U-Verse subscribers get free Wi-Fi access. Not to mention all the users at other AT&T hotspots. And AT&T has decided to extend the offer to iPhone (AAPL) owners as well.

This is a nice bonus for iPhone users, who are already shelling out $60 a month for service, but not a huge deal. Yes, Wi-Fi is faster than Edge, but it is a huge battery life glutton on the iPhone. So you can surf faster, but for less time.

So why not let iPhone users — who are, of course, AT&T subscribers — surf the hotspots using their laptops, as well? No idea.

But turns out AT&T is doing just that — just not intentionally. MacRumors is reporting that iPhone users can also trick AT&T into giving them free Wi-Fi for their laptops by via a “spoofing” trick. Instructions are here.

Not that we condone such behaviour.

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