Syrian Military Shelling Protesters The Day After 62 Are Killed In Demonstrations

syria protests

[credit provider=”AP”]

62 protesters will killed and over a hundred people were arrested in massive Friday protests in Syria, according to Al Jazeera. Over half of the dead are from the southern Syrian city of Deraa.Today, mass funeral processions for the dead in Deraa are being shelled by government forces. The total number of casualties from today’s attack is not yet known.

Yeterdays protests against Bashar al-Assad’s regime were the latest in a string of Friday demonstrations that began a month ago.

Protesters are pledging renewed countrywide demonstrations starting Sunday in what they are calling “the week of breaking the siege.”

The U.S. government has applied sanctions on members of the country’s regime. Thus far 582 people have been killed in the Syrian protests, according to a report.

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