Incredible Pictures Of Storm Damage In New York City

East Village Flooding

Photo: jesseandgreg

Superstorm Sandy had a devastating impact on New York City.(For coverage of storm damage from Jamaica to Canada, click here >)

At least 10 New Yorkers died, with more fatalities expected.

New Yorkers face 3-4 days without full power and 4-5 days without subways, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. LaGuardia Airport is extremely damaged and will remain closed at least another day, while JFK may open tomorrow.

80 homes were destroyed by fire in Breezy Point, QueensCentral Park is a messStuyvesant Town is a mess. A construction crane collapsed from a Midtown building, and the front fell off a building in Chelsea.

And there’s absolutely incredible flooding.

A lone pedestrian stand with his scooter near a message about superstorm Sandy in New York's Times Square, early Tuesday

A construction crane atop a $1.5 billion luxury high-rise in midtown Manhattan dangles precariously after collapsing in high winds Monday

Firefighters look up at the facade of a four-story building on 14th Street and 8th Avenue that collapsed onto the sidewalk Monday

Trees are down all over Manhattan like this one uprooted near 7th street near Avenue D in the East Village

An FDNY inflatable is prepared for launch along 14th street east of Avenue B where water has people trapped

Consolidated Edison trucks submerged on 14th Street near the ConEd power plant

A vehicle is submerged on 14th Street near the Consolidated Edison power plant, Monday

Police cars under water at Avenue C

Water rushes into a parking garage in the East Village

A car is buried in trees on 114th and 2nd in Manhattan

Union Square in complete darkness

Red Hook, Brooklyn was flooded early Monday

Airport runways began to flood as well. This is a runway at JFK

Runways at LaGuardia airport are flooded too

Water floods the Ground Zero Construction Site

Water rushes into a Financial District parking garage

Coney Island is underwater

Residents carry sandbags to slow flooding to their building as the East River overflows into the Dumbo section of the Brooklyn

Streets are flooded under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

Streets around a Con Edison substation are flooded as the East River overflows into Dumbo

DUMBO's famous carousel surrounded by water

A car is submerged in the Dumbo section of the Brooklyn borough of New York, as the East River overflows

Sea water floods the entrance to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

This photo provided by MTA Bridges and Tunnels shows floodwaters from Sandy entering the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (former Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel), which was closed on Monday

Vehicles are submerged during a storm surge near the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

Vehicles are submerged during a storm surge near the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, Monday

New York Police officers turn back traffic entering the Long Island City section in the Queens borough of New York, Monday

Ambulances wait outside New York University Tisch Hospital during an evacuation of the hospital after its backup generator failed when the power was knocked out

Medical workers assist a patient into an ambulance during an evacuation of New York University's Tisch Hospital

In this photo provided by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey a surveillance camera captures the PATH station in Hoboken, N.J., as it is flooded shortly before 9:30 p.m. EDT on Monday

A fire burns at least two dozen homes in a flooded neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Queens on Tuesday

Lights are out in the West Village

Lower Manhattan goes dark — In an attempt to lessen damage from saltwater to the subway system and the electrical network beneath the city's financial district, New York City's main utility cut power to about 6,500 customers in lower Manhattan. But a far wider swath of the city was hit with blackouts caused by flooding and transformer explosions..

This combination of photos shows above, lower Manhattan dark after the hybrid storm Sandy on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, and below a fully lit skyline on Jan. 6, 2012, both seen from the Brooklyn borough of New York

Power still out at the Flatiron building on Tuesday morning

This photo taken Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012, shows what appear to be transformers exploding after much of lower Manhattan lost power

A giant tanker has washed ashore on Staten Island

A park on 49th avenue in Long Island City sits below fallen trees Tuesday

A NYC street collapses

A collapsed tree on Columbus Ave on NYC's Upper West Side

The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is completely flooded Tuesday morning. The tunnel entrance is 12'8

A tree was completely uprooted in Carl Shurtz Park on Manhattan's Upper East Side

Central Park is closed, but even from the boarder, you can see trees down

A photo from inside Central Park, trees are down everywhere

Whitehall St. subway station in lower Manhattan experienced serious flooding

The FDR is submerged and a brave cab tries to travel through the water

Brooklyn's Brighton Beach is littered with debris

Breezy Point in Queens facing complete devastation. On top of flooding, fires have destroyed at least 80 homes.

Breezy Point in Queens engulfed in flames

At least 190 firefighters were on scene to help put out the blaze

But there seems to be some hope for an end, a rainbow forms over the Gowanus Canal

Clean up crews are already on hand

Lights are still out in lower Manhattan on Tuesday

That's what went on as sandy reached land

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