At Adland's Most High-Tech Conference, Old-Fashioned Sex Still Sells

Ad:techShe whips her hair back and forth.

Photo: Steve Hall, Adrants / Flickr, CC

Most people have never heard of the Ad:tech conference in San Francisco, which occurred April 3-4.Go straight to the slideshow >

It’s billed as a networking event for executives in the digital advertising world. The speakers include  big-hitters such as Lisa Utzschneider, vp of global ad sales at Amazon and Tom Bedecarre, CEO of digital ad agency AKQA.

That’s the official conference agenda at least. In the adjoining exhibit halls, and at night, when sponsors throw parties, the real stars are the booth babes—women hired by companies looking to draw the attention of potential new clients.

Digiday described it as providing “lots of lead-gen networks, tool providers and sundry other characters. It is also, alas, perhaps the last bastion of the ‘booth babe’ in digital media events.”

Steve Hall, of the venerable Adrants blog, attended the event and posted these photos on Flickr. It’s eye-opening stuff.

These are the women of, the online dating company.

This crew represented iballers, a dating affiliate ad network.

A few more iballers.

This was Clickbooth's Bills & Grills event. Classy!

Check out the ink on this Clickbooth promoter.

See the Clickbooth party ad page here.

This one really got into it.

Look how heavily branded the woman in the middle is.

Nami Media's cupcakes booth.

Can you spot the problem with Envyus Media's branding here?

That's right: The shirts are so small there's no room to display the company's logo.

Same problem here ...

... At last, a properly displayed promotional logo for Scrubkit (an affiliate marketing fraud detection company).

You saw it at Ad:tech first: Faux fur legwarmers and venetian blind shades are BACK!

Here's Steve Hall, the photographer.

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