At $70,000, Buying The ShipYourEnemies Glitter Site Isn't A Bad Deal

Stupid but profitable ideas.

Viral sensation is up for auction, and with five hours to go, the highest bid currently sits at $70,800.

The founder of the site, Australian 22-year-old Mathew Carpenter, shut down new orders after he was inundated with more than 2 million views in four days and over 2,200 orders to ship people glitter.

He’s put a wait list up on the site for people who wish to ship glitter to their enemies or mates as a practical joke. It will be filled when he catches up on the backlog or sells the site to a new buyer.

On that list which was put up earlier this week he claims 8,500 people have entered their details. At $9.99 for each glitter package that’s almost $85,000 in sales straight up.

Of course there’s material costs, postage and the like. But not bad to start off with.

Carpenter has also been busy building a community on Facebook, attaining over 3,000 likes in his first week of operation.

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