At $38.5 Million, This Unfinished Shell Of A Mansion Is The Most Expensive Home For Sale In San Francisco

san francisco home unfinished, $38.5 million


An unfinished, 21,888-square-foot French limestone mansion on “Billionaire’s Row” in San Francisco is currently listed at $38.5 million after a severe price chop, and it’s still the most expensive home for sale in the city, according to Curbed SF.The mansion, which was bought in an unfinished state by Peter Sperling of the Apollo Group (which owns the University of Phoenix) in 2004, was originally listed at $65 million in 2007.

When Sperling, whose father John started the University of Phoenix, bought the house, it was slightly less-finished than it is now. He did some work on it, and then stopped for unknown reasons. The house has been on and off the market since with little interest, Curbed SF writes.

Sperling is No. 828 on Forbes’ World Billionaire list, and this Billionaire’s Row location is just one of his many homes. Hopefully the rest, are furnished.

From the outside, 2845 Broadway looks like a gem!

There are intricate details in the architecture.

And a lovely balcony.

But inside is not suitable for anyone right now.

The skylight is pretty, but that gaping hole is dangerous.

The home appears to be a few stories, but there are no walls yet.

Just metal and wood.

And from the backyard it looks deserted.

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