Burnt Asylum Seekers Claim The Australian Navy Made Them Grip Hot Engine Pipes

Indonesian police say they have video footage of asylum seekers being treated for burns. Photo: Getty

Asylum seekers have accused the Australian Navy of forcing them to hold hot engine pipes on a boat, causing burns to their hands according to an ABC News report.

This comes after Australia admitted one of its military vessels inadvertently breached Indonesian waters, and after reports asylum seekers were forced back to the country. Indonesia has also warned Australia it risks clashes at sea over its asylum seeker policy.

The ABC says it has seen video footage provided by police in Indonesia which appears to show individuals who the officers claim are asylum seekers being treated for burns. Local police say they needed to seek medical assistance for 10 people, seven of whom were severely injured.

Reportedly they are asylum seekers who claim Australian sailors told them to grip a burning hot engine pipe on a boat which was sent back to Indonesia.

The ABC says the footage backs up earlier reports on asylum seekers who claimed they were mistreated by the Navy. The Federal Government has denied the claim.

There is more here.

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