Scientists are going nuts on Twitter days before we arrive at the last unexplored world in our solar system

The countdown to our closest approach to Pluto has begun. In less than 24 hours, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will complete its 4.6 billion-mile journey to the distant, icy dwarf planet.

Devoted fans and dedicated scientists have been waiting patiently for nearly a decade for this since New Horizons launched in 2006. The mission will bring back the most detailed images of Pluto and its moons to date. Such images will be hundreds of times more clear and thousands of times closer than our current best images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

And scientists are getting a little giddy and silly as the encounter nears:






A new meme has even popped up, where users are showing how scientists on the New Horizons team would react to particular situations via gif:






And on Sunday, a new #plutoplaylist hashtag dropped, where fans and scientists are having fun changing the names of popular songs to include the word “Pluto” in the title.



For more fun stuff from the New Horizons team and other experts, follow them on our curated Twitter list here.

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